Server Sandbox

Install the script

For each machine yo need to install the script. The steps to install the scripts are very easy.

1) Open a terminal and go to a PATH for store the script. cd $HOME path is a good place.

2) Clone the repository from Github

git clone server-sandbox

Now is the moment to clone one virtual machine in two more :-)

2) Join in the folder with cd server-sandbox and edit with your favorite editor. (If you haven't idea, you can use gedit

This are the following options:

## DNS Settings

## SMTP Settings

## OPENSSL Settings

Set the values:

  • DNS_NAME: Name that you can use for you DNS. We are use but you can use others like server.dummie, or whatever.
  • PRIMARY_DNS: IP of your primary server. You know it using ifconfig command in terminal (In my case eth0 correspond to private network adapter).

  • SECONDARY_DNS: Like PRIMARY_DNS but of your secondary server.
  • FORWARDERS: IP of the DNS used to resend the DNS query if we can't resolve it. You can use Google open DNS for this ( and
  • LOCAL_NETWORK: IP of the network used by VMWare/VirtualBox in the private network. You know this, see the IP's of the primary and secondary and the netmask. If your netmask is 255.55.555.0 you have a Class C Network and the network IP is
  • RELAY_DOMAINS: Valid names for custom mails names.
  • USERNAME: The username of your virtual machine account used to check the validity of the certificate.

3) Run the script with administrator privileges sudo sh

Extra installation

In the Mail service, the mail account is associate with mail user account in the machine. For testing the mail, we recommended you create two accounts in the primary server. You can run:

sh ./Services/Mail/account

to create user1 and user2 accounts.